team building

Key team building services we can help with, include: 

Facilitated Workshops and Retreats: Smart teams make time to think and plan together. Our team knows how to create the right environment and ask the right questions to get the best input from your group. We can take you through processes that are more traditional - or which are more interactive and hands-on including improvisation and engaging group activities - depending on the culture within your staff. We also record and compile the thoughts shared and plans developed so you can participate in the moment with your full self.

Coaching: Working with one of our expert consultants as a coach is a productive and affordable option for fundraisers, executives, and board members who want to develop their leadership and grow their skills. We can help you see around corners and be your sounding board, strategist, and subject matter expert.

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Your work will only be as good as the teamwork of the people making it happen. However, a positive and supportive company culture doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and good communication skills to blend different personalities together in just the right way. As we’ve seen an increasing trend in organizational leadership to flatten hierarchical structures to give everyone more agency on the job, we’ve also seen an expanded need for strong communication and soft skills (such as emotional intelligence, creativity, and adaptability). We’re here to help your team be their best. One of our greatest passions is helping teams be successful at working together, sharing their ideas, and achieving consensus in a respectful fashion.