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Congratulations to the recipients of the 2021 Scandiuzzi Krebs Philanthropy Initiative. Thank you to all who applied, there is so much great work happening in Washington! We encourage you to learn more about this year's recipients:

Grant Recipients:

Black Power Unlimited (BPU) dba Cypher Cafe

Mission: Powered by a collective of Black artists and organizers, Cypher Cafe/Black Power Unlimited (BPU) has dedicated the last decade to building a home at Washington Hall for community-grounded liberation work to take place through music, media, art, food and culture. We exist to disrupt the detrimental impact of gentrification and displacement in our neighborhood by holding accessible space for the historically marginalized, prioritizing Black people, Black arts, Black events, and centering Black womxn. 




Brown Soul Productions

Mission: The mission of Brown Soul Productions (BSP) is to provide a platform that nurtures and amplifies the voices of Women of Color (WOC) through the development and production of new creative works.




Nurturing Roots

Mission: Nurturing Roots is a thriving urban farm and community farming program that values community, self-sufficiency, food empowerment, social justice, and education. Since its establishment, Nurturing Roots has brought the community together by providing volunteering opportunities, hosting various events, and partnering with local restaurants. 




The Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery

Mission: The mission of the Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery is to create an accessible art space that highlights the voices and works of Latinx and Marginalized communities.