Key governance services we can help with, include:

Start Up Your Nonprofit: Scandiuzzi Krebs knows how to create nonprofits from the ground up. From incorporation, bylaws and your first board meeting to your first staff, audiences, and donors, we can help you do it right from your first step.

Organizational Restructuring: There’s no need to break the rules   when you can change them. Let us help you navigate the process of reworking your governance structure and bylaws so that you can do your work in a way that best engages and serves your community.


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Are you at the very beginning of your nonprofit journey? Or, have you reached a critical pivot point? Starting fresh, or changing direction, can be an overwhelming and complicated process. One of our greatest passions is working with clients to discover the business model that will work best for them. Here at Scandiuzzi Krebs, we love bylaws - no, really - we love them. We want to set you up with a governance structure that will empower you to do your best work.